More time for the tax return 2020

Mehr Zeit für die Steuererklärung 2020

Good news for all taxpayers who do not want to deal with their income tax returns 2020 during the holiday season. The deadline for tax return submission has been postponed from 31 July 2021 to 31 October 2021.

If the tax return is completed by a tax advisor or income tax assistance association (Lohnsteuerhilfeverein), the new submission deadline ends on 31 May 2022. The Bundestag has already approved the extended submission deadline.

The reason for the extension of the deadline is the burden of the Corona crisis on citizens, authorities and tax advisors.

Anyone who does not manage to submit the tax return on time despite the extension can apply for an extension of the deadline, but must provide good reasons for this.


For the year 2020, the tax office may order, in individual cases, that tax returns be filed on a date that may be before 31 May 2022.


Overview of the extended deadlines!

If you… …submit your tax
return voluntarily:
…must submit a tax return
(with a tax adviser)
For the tax year 2019 31.12.2023 31.07.2020
For the tax year 2020 31.12.2024 Changed deadlines:
02.08.2021 31.10.2021
(28.02.2022) (31.05.2022)
For the tax year 2021 31.12.2025 01.08.2022

10 Kommentare zu “More time for the tax return 2020”:

  1. Gaudin stephanie

    Thank for your email but I would like to know if when I will have any news of my tax for 2019. I used your services in January with the English translation and paid 30 euros but I haven’t had anything back yet!

    1. Ksenia Buyskikh Autor

      Hello Stephanie,

      Thank you for your message. Our customer support team will contact you via email and will give you detailed information regarding your question.

      Kind regards,
      Your SteuerGo Team

  2. Daniel Mehmeti

    Thank you for this helpfull information. I have a question, if someone who has declared his/her taxes on the previous year is not going to declare this year what happens? If there is a penallty by Tax Authority how much can it be?
    Thank you in advance!


    1. Ksenia Buyskikh Autor

      Hello Daniel,

      Thank you for your comment. If you are not legally obliged to file a tax return in Germany, you do not have to file a tax return next year or every subsequent year. In this case, you do it voluntarily. If such an obligation exists, you have to file a tax return. If you fail to do so, there is a high possibility to receive a letter and then a penalty from the tax office.

      Kind regards,
      Your SteuerGo Team

  3. Nancy

    Thanks a lot for this information! Very helpful and relieving.
    But before I relax too much – can you confirm whether there’s anything we need to do in order to submit according to this later deadline? If I want to submit after the end of July 2021, do I have to write to get permission or something?
    I’m a Kleinunternehmer and will be filing my own tax return (no tax advisor) in case that makes any difference!

    1. Ksenia Buyskikh Autor

      Hello Nancy,

      Thank you for your comment. We would like to confirm that there are no further actions required from your side. The new deadline (October 31, 2021) is for everyone and no additional applications or permissions are needed for this.

      Kind regards,
      Your SteuerGo Team

  4. Awsaf


    How would I know if I am legally obligated to submit a tax return claim?


  5. Fabio

    Is SteuerGo considered as a „tax advisor“?
    I missed the 31.10.2021 deadline for the 2020 tax declaration and I filed it some days ago.
    Will I benefit from the 31.05.2022 extension?

    1. Thilo Rudolph

      Hi Fabio,

      The use of our app has no influence on the legally applicable filing deadlines.

      We provide you with an easy-to-use online form for the income tax return, through which you can enter your data, prepare it and transmit it (against payment) electronically or by means of printed tax forms to the tax office. No software is installed on your computer.

      The online form is only suitable for private individuals who are liable to pay income tax in Germany. Information on the scope of the programme in accordance with § 87c of the German Fiscal Code can be found here.

      Information texts, examples and notes in the online form are general explanations. They refer to a normal tax case and are only intended to draw attention to possible options for structuring the tax case. We do not provide legal advice.

      Yours sincerely

      Thilo Rudolph

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