We help during the Corona crisis

Wir helfen in der Corona-Krise

Especially now, more and more users would like to file their tax returns to benefit as quickly as possible from the tax refund by the tax office. Therefore, here is the good news for our customers, employees and partners. Despite Corona, we continue working as before without any restrictions, and we are here for you – without short-time work and dismissals.

But we also want to help others who are affected by the crisis in terms of health or finances. That is why we donate 500 Euro every week during the crisis to a charitable organization that supports people affected by Corona. Our users also help with this: When logging out, a survey is conducted to determine which organization should receive the donation the following week.

The following reputable aid organisations with the DZI seal, which work transparently and economically, are available for selection:

By doing this, we hope to contribute to the rapid defeat of the coronavirus and to reduce the impact on health and society in the best possible way.