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The first German tax return
in English for all expats

The first German tax return
in English for all expats

Register and discover how easy it is to get an average tax refund of more than 1.000 Euro online.

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Register and discover how easy it is to get an average
tax refund of more than 1.000 Euro online.



    The whole Tax Return Form is in English. Thats a great help to an Expat living and working in Germany. I don't see how you make it better, its almostmehr

    Joseph S.
    aus Kirchlengern 21.07.2024 around 18:43


    Excellent tax assistance app for English expats

    Brett A.
    aus Kassel 17.07.2024 around 17:00


    It's great that you are offering your service in plenty of other languages, besides German. That being written, it would be perfect if you could also translate all submenus.

    Ante B.
    aus München 15.07.2024 around 07:20


    Nice service for English speaking people living in Germany.

    John D.
    aus Lörzweiler 12.07.2024 around 13:02


    Easy to fill, understandable. There could be more language option, like Turkish for Germany. Thanks.

    Turgut S.
    aus Hameln 04.07.2024 around 23:02


    great tool in English. very helpful in tax declaration.

    Ahmed W.
    aus Nufringen 01.07.2024 around 14:13


    The service is fairly user-friendly and very responsive. It was an almost painless procedure - which is great considering the complexity of the intersectionmehr

    John B.
    aus Wassenberg 27.06.2024 around 11:52


    I save EVERY year thousands of euros because I can do our taxes myself with SteuerGo. The usage of this tool is so intuitive - I file jointly and we aremehr

    Mehmet Orhan A.
    aus Unterhaching 26.06.2024 around 11:31


    As an expat, the clear explanations of each field in English were extremely helpful. However, each time I updated a field (pressed "Yes" or "No") the entiremehr

    Samuel H.
    aus Dresden 02.06.2024 around 10:29


    For a foreigner living in Germany this is the very best app to use for the (very complex and difficult) Tax Return process. It is relatively easy to usemehr

    Alexandros P.
    aus Peine 11.05.2024 around 19:05 2024 Award 2022 Award 2021


Every employee in Germany should submit a tax return: SteuerGo

SteuerGo is the easy way to file your annual tax return online. Whether income tax, capital gains or childcare costs, SteuerGo is here for you. SteuerGo helps to secure overpaid income taxes.


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Easy to use

SteuerGo provides everything you need to enter your data correctly and securely.The simple online form helps you to start right away and easily keep track of everything, from personal information to useful tax tips.

Safely submit your tax return

All data is automatically checked for accuracy and plausibility. Then securely submit your tax return to the tax office with SteuerGo. You can easily check the subsequent tax assessment notice from the tax office with SteuerGo.

Edit online everywhere

Use SteuerGo on all your devices with web browser – Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android – so that you have access to your entries, tax returns and tax assessment notices anytime and anywhere.
Also available as an app for tablets and smartphones.


Everything you need for your tax return:

Free trial

Pay only when you submit the tax return

No installation needed

Start now: No need to download and install a software or updates

Easy data entry

Questionnaire with simple information texts and immediate calculation of the refund

Data transfer from the previous year

From previous tax returns with SteuerGo

Checklist of tax documents

Prepare and submit the correct supporting documents along with the tax return

Verification of the entries

All data is checked for correctness and completeness

Customer Support in English

Our customer support team is always happy to help! Weekdays from 9 am - 5 pm..

Preferred by the tax office

Online submission: Fewer queries and faster refunds

Customised tax tips

Tips based on your information for a maximum refund