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  • Customised tax tips
  • Live tax calculation
  • Data transfer from the tax office
    or from previous years

SteuerGo Plus

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  • Submission of the tax return to the tax office
  • 2 tax returns per a tax year
  • Customer Support in English
  • Continue working with the data from the trial version
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Everything for the perfect tax return

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Trial version
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SteuerGo Plus
2 tax returns per a tax year: 29,95 Euro
No installation needed
Start now: No need to download and install a software or updates
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Easy data entry
Questionnaire with simple information texts and immediate calculation of the refund
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Data transfer from the previous year
From previous tax returns with SteuerGo
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Verification of the entries
All data is checked for correctness and completeness
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Customised tax tips
Tips based on your information for a maximum refund
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Highest data security
Secure storage and transfer of all data
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Tax return submission
With data verification and encrypted transmission directly to the tax office
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Checklist of tax documents
Prepare and submit the correct supporting documents along with the tax return
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Customer Support in English
Customer support by phone and e-mail. Weekdays from 9 - 17 h.
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Electronic tax assessment notice
Get your tax assessment notice sooner and have it checked automatically
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus
Assistance with appeals
Tips and templates for filing an objection
SteuerGo SteuerGo Plus


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