Who wants to do his tax return at the last minute still makes a good choice with SteuerGo . In the large CT – control programs test SteuerGo has made a good impression.

So writes CT editor Jan Schuessler : „Among the Web services provide payroll tax and compact Steuergo the best data transfer function. According to request either the master data such as names, addresses , children and so on or over the complete data or an individual choice : Every topic that you wish to take , you can select individually for this option. SteuerGo also offers an import for Elster PDFs of the compressed tax return from WISO – tax savings account, Taxman , tax saving declaration or magpie form. The user loads the file into SteuerGo high, and the service extracts the information contained therein. “

Therefore, if you previously used a different control program can easily switch to SteuerGo . Also, the tax notice received SteuerGo customers comfortable on the electronic way .
If the tax return submitted , “ can download an electronic payroll tax bill from the tax office only wage tax Compact and SteuerGo . “

If the tax office has miscalculated , or specification has not accepted , we do not leave you alone . SteuerGo helps with pre- formatted objection letters and exported “ the objection letters as PDF files . “

We are pleased that SteuerGo has already been so thoroughly checked shortly after the start . And of course we take criticism seriously. January Schuessler found it annoying that the dates must be entered in the format always . We promise to do better and work on it. After all, journalists are also quite normal users – and we take very seriously. So if you still want to get off to a tax final sprint to June 2 , we only say that tax? Go!

The whole article can be found in the May issue of CT.

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